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Friday, August 12, 2005, 06:42 PM

and for Storyverse:


and for Storyverse:


Collaborators & Partners in Rhyme http://

Marc Boothe at B3 Media is the producer of project in development, Storyverse (formerly known as London Tales)

Here's a short film about the project when it was LondonTales - updated Storyverse film to follow soon!

I'm an associated artist at the Mixed Reality Lab, Computer Sciences Department, University of Nottingham. I'm developing Storyverse technologies there with their help. It is blooming brilliant.

I've been working with Piers Faccini on the music for Storyverse:

Piers Faccini

I've been working with Jason Larkin on the images for Storyverse: http://

Charley Marlowe
“What happened to you?”

I heart Hardy Blechman.
Home of BritLit, the fantastic on-line literature resource for teachers and students of English and Literature.

Apples & Snakes
Contact Britain’s leading Performance Poetry Organisation to book Francesca for workshops and Chinese Whispers.

Buy the Charley Marlowe cd here.

Mark Dearman
Designed and built this website.

Jason Larkin
Visuals, Photography and Installations.

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John Hegley
Richard Herring
Patrick Neate
Richard Nicholson
Sophie Woolley
Luke Wright

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Thanks to: Geraldine Collinge, Sarah Ellis and everyone at ApplesandSnakes, Rachel Mars, Flick Ansell, Arlette Kim George, Doug Bloom, Roger Robinson, Mrs Robinson, Jacob Sam-La Rose, Sally Pomme Clayton, Malika Booker, Suzanne Alleyne, The Watchmen Agency, Ty, Lemn Sissay, (Lemn!) Maja Prausnitz, Jared Louche, Hannah Henderson, Breis, Stacey Makishi, Melanie Abrahams and Renaissance One, Paul Lyalls and Express Excess, Short Fuse, Tim Wells and Rising, Ape, Colin Brown and PoetryCan, Lucinda Jarrett and Rosetta Life, Murray Gold, Petra and Paddy, Ben and Emily, Evangelos, Amelia Gibson, Christopher Beard, Matt and Helena, Lisa & Jim Armstrong, Mark A, Val and Dai Elliott, all the poets, performers, musicians, comedians, critics, listeners and Dan, Lola Choo and Snow Antopolski.